End Times Chronicles

Complete 12-Book story saga • Seasons 1 – 3

Resistance is the only way…

Alexander Zarruq, John Mark Ford, Ryder Reeves, Junia Kaminski, and Sasha Pavlovich have stolen themselves into one of Solterra Republic’s reprogramming camps to rescue one of their own.

Except they make a grim discovery that sets the pace for the next era of the SEPIO Resistance from the resurrected Order of Thaddeus, the Church’s ancient defender. When a bulletin from the Republic announces startling news, all bets are off. Because they know exactly what it means — for the Church, for the Resistance.

The Antichrist rises…

Friends will die under torturous persecution. Lovers will be separated and find the unexpected. Allegiance to Christ will be challenged. Survival will hinge on the Resistance, which is the only way during these last days.

The only way to remain faithful, find victory in the face of overwhelming odds, and survive until the ultimate, climactic battle between good and evil.

Between Christ and Antichrist.

Dive into the depths of what it means to live not by lies, to take up your cross and follow Christ in these last days, and to Resist despite overwhelming odds.

4 Books in 1 Story Season

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A few years ago, I wondered what it would be like to live through the events of the Book of Revelation.

What if Christians lived through the final events of the end of the world as we know it?

You know: the Apocalypse.

With the rise of false teachers and charlatan prophets deceiving the Christian Remnant. The braying of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse bearing conquest, war, hunger, and death. The trumpets announcing doom and destruction across Earth —

The freakin’ Antichrist doing its Mark of the Beast thing and ratcheting up terrorizing persecution to horrifying degrees that would give Kirk Cameron (and I suppose Nicholas Cage) a run for their money!

I’m NOT talking being left behind in a secret rapture. Nope, actually living through the apocalyptic mayhem and terrorizing persecution of the Antichrist — like John the Seer reveals in his prophetic final book to the New Testament.

THEN I wondered what if the Church’s survival didn’t depend on US America.

What if it was CRUCIAL for the Christian Remnant (called Ichthus in my story world) to return to the seedbed of Christianity — Africa and the Middle East and Near East and Eastern Europe?

What if the heroes that helped the Church survive were drawn from that diverse tapestry — called to lay aside their former lives and give it their all in a Resistance that stood up to the totalitarian Republic requiring allegiance for survival?

AND what if survival meant going back in time to retrieve the memory of the Church from those who shaped and inspired Christianity in order to help their brothers and sisters in the faith stay awake, guard the deposit of faith, and hold the line unto victory — even unto a victorious death?

Those “what ifs” led to this 12-book saga set in a future world with a diverse cast of ordinary heroes that feel familiar to our own. They are the heart of End Times Chronicles.

The science fiction saga is an apocalyptic time-travel adventure similar to my Order of Thaddeus series — with plenty of page-turning action to thrill, mashed up with a special dose of insight and inspiration for faith.

All unfolding in four “episodes” of heart-pounding action and adventure in a each of the 3 story seasons for a total of 12 binge-worthy books that will leave you clutching your Kindle into the wee hours of the night! (Or Kobo or iPad or old-fashioned paper — whatever your reading persuasion!)

Not since the blockbuster Left Behind series has a story captured the heart of the Church’s mission in these last days—offering a unique, page-turning adventure that not only  entertains through thrilling action and mysterious suspense, but  captures the urgency of our own day and inspires for the journey of faith.

End Times Chronicles is an explosively inventive time-travel series that recasts the Christian struggle in a future world rife with social and religious challenges  combined with technological and political change that feels close to  home—inviting readers to experience the sacrifices and struggles to  persevere unto victory in the face of hostile forces, both in the future  and the past.

The series is a future successor to my Order of Thaddeus action-adventure series — but set 100 years in a world that feels familiar to our own. If you’re a SEPIO fan, I’m betting you’ll come to binge-read this series, too!

It isn’t hardcore sci-fi, but has a  futuristic touch — with everything from time travel to authoritarian regimes that would make Orwell blush, magnetic travel drawn from Michio Kaku and of course Blastguns and Neutralizers that were inspired by the best of the best sci-fi sagas (*cough* Star Wars *cough*)

Season 1 unfolds with the destruction of the Church and rise of persecution that tests the faith and faithful like never before. Season 2 takes all that to a whole new apocalyptic level with the unveiling of the Great Tribulation. Season 3 finishes the series with the beginning of the end: the rise of the Antichrist.

Each story season is an epic four-episode, binge-worthy story season told through full-length, complete novels with cliff-hangers that make you hunger for more—released to you as a 4-book bundle months in advance of retail stories.

Each of the 4 episodes/books are a full-length, 275–300-page novel telling a complete action-packed story, only with an ending that bridges into the next book. Each episode is one part of 4 that fits together to form the bigger story season.

Like every good story, this one is about the characters. About ordinary heroes thrown into extraordinary events of survival and suffering for the sake of others.

Here are some of those heroes:

End Times Chronicles is an explosively inventive series that recasts the Christian struggle in a future world rife with social and religious challenges combined with technological and political change that feels close to home—inviting readers to experience the sacrifices and struggles to persevere unto victory in the face of hostile forces, both in the future and the past.

Start the 12-book saga today! Grab the ebook collection or listen in digital audiobooks — all available now with a 20% discount


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