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J. A. Bouma

In the Beginning (Hardcover Photo Book)


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A Fresh Creation Narrative Translation to Deepen Your Faith

Before I went all-in on storytelling, I was a pastor as well as an editor for a Bible translation. So, given this professional experience, joined by my academic background with post-graduate degrees in divinity and theology, I thought I would offer a fresh translation of the Creation Narrative in Genesis 1 and 2!

This translation is both faithful to the original Bible text, coming straight from the original Hebrew manuscripts, as well as accessible to modern readers—offering a new way to read our origin story that I hope will give you new insight into God's magical intent for our lives and universe. Not only do I use this translation as the foundational Bible text in The Eden Legacy story, I've also made it available as an exclusive hardcover book available only from my direct bookshop!

It features a beautiful four-color interior that is 8 x 8 inches square with pictures set alongside the fresh, faithful translation. The picture book is augmented by a separate section at the end with commentary on a theology of creation and humanity.

This an exclusive collector's item for The Eden Legacy to enhance your fiction experience by going deeper into your faith with the Creation Narrative. This special, exclusive book will be offered nowhere else, so grab it today!

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