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J. A. Bouma

Apostasy Rising | Season 1, Episode 4 Audiobook (Digitally Narrated)


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The Church's Future Is History.

The final story in the epic four-episode, binge-worthy story season told through full-length, complete novels with cliff-hangers that make you hunger for more!

The year is 2123. The citizens of the world have united. Peace, prosperity, and progress reign supreme. Rising apostasy threatens to consume Ichthus, the last remnant of Christianity. And the Church's most chaotic hour since the Protestant Reformation is about to dawn.

In this final episode of the epic story of rising apostasy within the Church, the remnant of Christianity faces its most dire hour with threats from outside rising to a fevered pitch as Solterra Republic makes its true intentions known and felt across the world. Racing against the clock of destruction is a band of faithful followers who put it all on the line to help fight for the Church and safeguard her future. Traveling back in time once again to retrieve the past, only to risk it all, the finale culminates in a reveal so personal and unbelievable that readers will be eagerly anticipating the next season with baited breath—Antichrist Rising.

Will the future Church survive forces threatening her from inside and out? Will Ichthus retrieve from history what it needs to survive the future? And will ordinary believers rise to do the impossible when the Church needs them most?

End Times Chronicles is an explosively inventive series that recasts the Christian struggle in a future world rife with social and religious challenges combined with technological and political change that feels close to home—inviting readers to experience the sacrifices and struggles to persevere unto victory in the face of hostile forces, both in the future and the past.

Not since the blockbuster Left Behind series has a story captured the heart of the Church's mission in these last days—offering a unique, page-turning adventure that not only entertains through thrilling action and mysterious suspense, but captures the urgency of our own day and inspires for the journey of faith.

Finish the adventure of the final episode in the epic 4-part series by bestselling author J. A. Bouma about the future Church under siege.


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