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J. A. Bouma

Apocalypse Rising | Season 2, Episode 2 eBook


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The Apocalypse is Now

The second story in an epic four-episode, binge-worthy story season told through full-length, complete novels with cliff-hangers that make you hunger for more.

The year is AD 2125. After apostasy rises in the remnant of Christianity and the Republic launches a murderous campaign of persecution against the Church—the unthinkable happens:

The Seven Trumpets from the Book of Revelation begin to blast, ushering in a rising apocalypse with Christians fighting to make sense of it all.

But there is hope. For Alexander Zarruq and Rebekah Kony travel back in time to the Council of Nicaea to retrieve the memory at the heart of the Christian faith: the Nicene Creed. Its defense of Jesus’ divine status and saving death are what the Church need to remain faithful during these dark, apocalyptic times.

Yet a series of bewildering events threaten not only their mission—but introduce a menacing turn that could alter future Christianity itself. They must solve these mysterious events in order to preserve the memory of the Creed and safeguard the future faith—but the outcome is uncertain.

Not only that, John Mark Ford and his crew search for the mysterious Order of Thaddeus Remnant and witnesses the devastation wrought by the Second Trumpet blast—leading to an unexpected twist and a new mission that takes the Ichthus Resistance into the heart of the Republic to preserve the Church—and save the world.

Will they succeed in retrieving what the Church needs to survive the Great Tribulation?

Devour the next episode to find out in the thrilling follow-up season to the celebrated "Apostasy Rising" that readers agree is “Great reading and relevant in today’s times”!

End Times Chronicles is an explosively inventive time-travel series that recasts the Christian struggle in a future world rife with social and religious challenges combined with technological and political change that feels close to home—inviting readers to experience the sacrifices and struggles to persevere unto victory in the face of hostile forces, both in the future and the past.

Not since the blockbuster Left Behind series has a story captured the heart of the Church's mission in these last days—offering a unique, page-turning adventure that not only entertains through thrilling action and mysterious suspense, but captures the urgency of our own day and inspires for the journey of faith.


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